Electro Fusion Welding

Elektrofizyon source method to high-security systems, space is limited due to the method used in the welding and repair parts are not being used.
BWith this method Elektrofizyon Elektrofizyon welding fittings are used. Elektrofizyon PE pipe fittings in contact with the inner surface, a special resistance wire was placed during manufacture. Elektrofizyon voltage wire welder with this by giving additional parts will be merged with the inner surface of the pipe is brought to the melting temperature of PE pipe and fittings Elektrofizyon the welding process is done.

1Developed in the 1950s, low-density polyethylene (LDPE PE-32), drinking water pipes used for the first time. PE 63 material, then that does not require developing systems for use in high pressure was applied with success. PE 63, but, because of their technical properties of the material requires only a low pressure (up to 4 bar) gas systems used. Manufacturers PE after PE 63'ten 2 PE 80 raw materials as they become available generation. Thus, the PE 80 raw water and gas networks are being used with high performance. In early 1990, developed 3 generation of the raw material of PE 100 drinking water and natural gas networks and their applications to high performance, but also brought economic solution.
HDPE pipes for drinking water applications, the first since 1960 and is being held in the United States and Canada at that time, the projects are still continuing to work as smoothly.

Advantages of Polyethylene Pipes
• High-flex have the capability. In this way, provide ease of assembly. 600% minimum elongation.
• Ground movements are not affected, there is no break-down features.
• high impact resistance and crack propagation resistance.
• Internal diameter of the surface roughness is low in the selections were made for the project offers significant advantages.
• Submarine is suitable to be appointed, is not affected by sea water and sea movements.
• Joining methods for their assembly is not fire.
• at least 50 years old should work with the nominal operating pressure.
• It is resistant to UV rays.
• Soil erosion of the structure and effect of harmful substances which are not affected. For this reason, cathodic
protection need not be done.
• is resistant to chemicals.
• Water does not alter the smell and taste, so it is appropriate to health.
• Plant and tree roots are not able to get into the pipes.

Applications of PE Pipes

And to distribute natural gas in transportation
Drinking water networks
Waste water and sewage networks
Agricultural irrigation
Drainage projects
In temporary pipeline
In the irrigation of sports fields
Telecommunications cabling systems
For the transportation of hazardous waste
Marine and fishery
In Marina
Power unitse
Petrochemical industry
Cement industry
Chemical industry
Mining enterprises

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