Solar Energy Applications

Panel: Solar radiation absorption, high conductivity in the channel which is part of the material. Panels, solar radiation, heat, turning the fluid (water, water, antifreeze, oil, etc..) Heats. In general, the panels, and a high-conductivity copper and aluminum metal that is best for produced.

High performance black chrome and sunselect Ezinç selective surface collector is used.

Cover the top: the collector as well as protection from outside influence, the collector heat convection and heat radiation from the environment will be held with ways to reduce heat loss and transparent materials are used as top cover. With minimum reflection of sunlight on the bottom of a very high rate of transmission to ensure the black absorber surface and high light transmission will occur in a high resistance to pressure is a low iron oxide glass.

Isolation: a message to the collector of the liquid in the heat energy to maintain the benefits. Collector as the insulation material, glass wool, rock wool, or do not harm the ozone layer, CFC Free Monoblock casting polyurethane foam is used.

Lockers Profiles: Case: Collector forming, water circulating black-surface radiation-absorbing panels, translucent glass cloth insulation material, such as the outside air influences protection used for the protection and merge aksamıdır.Dış factor in constantly in touch because of corrosion resistant materials are made. Usually aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, etc.. materials are used.

Collectors of all Ezinç product quality, safe and hardened ETIAL 60 (DIN 6063 AlMgSi 0.5-AA) are manufactured from extruded aluminum. Whether the combined resources of the chassis making it mono. Safe cleaning surface dirt and oils in the bathroom and rid it to the surface coating is chromate. In this way, electrostatic paint applied to the chassis provides excellent adhesion. Chromate coating and then painted with polyester paint electrostatic safe temperature of 200 ° C are cooked.

Lath: Collectors must have the same characteristics casing easily glass cases are designed to accommodate change. Provides complete water tightness, is the aesthetic appearance.

Glass Fuse: Full providers in the form of water seal, the external environment and the harmful effects of solar ultraviolet radiation (UV) radiation-resistant, long life is made of EPDM rubber.

Manifold Gasket: Full water tightness provider panel to prevent heat bridges between the boxes on the form, the external environment impact and UV resistant, long life is made of EPDM rubber.

Hair base: External effects that protect against the collector material in aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.. They are made of.

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